Not My Typical Night (or post)



So, all I wanted to do when I got home from work tonight was go out and get some exercise. Instead, less than half way into my normal route I stumble across a young injured bird on the side of the road. Still young enough to have little yellow fuzz poking through its adult feathers that were starting to grow in, the poor thing was bleeding from the head. So I pick him up and slowly carry him back to my apartment to get a box and head off to the Humane Society.

Unfortunately when I get there they were closed so I rang the bell and the dispatcher said they would send an officer back to the building but it would be a while. I sat down to wait and give my new friend some water and soothing words. As I am waiting another lady shows up with 3 tiny kittens in a box that she had found at her work. Small enough that their umbilical cord had not yet fallen off and their eyes had not yet opened. Her and her family were getting ready to leave out of town and so couldn’t keep them.  

The officer finally showed up and told the lady that because the kittens didn’t weigh at least 1.5 pounds all they were able to do was euthanize them!! So as we were waiting both the lady and I were texting and calling everyone we knew to see if they could foster the kittens so they wouldn’t needlessly be killed. If I could have kept them I would have, but my landlord and 10+ hour work days and ferret made that impossible.

As the officer was taking my information down for the injured bird, I had one last thought of who to call. So I called the only other person in my circle of friends that I know is as dedicated to helping animals as I am and quickly told her the story. And guess what???! She and her boyfriend agreed to foster the kittens at least until they reach 1.5 pounds and can be adopted out!!! 

I brought the kittens home and a little while later her boyfriend arrived to pick them up!!! They are truly my heroes tonight and definitely those 3 kittens heroes!!

In other happy news, the Humane Society is going to do everything they can to save the injured bird as it is a native of the state that we live in. My list of animals I have rescued is now: a snapping turtle, an opossum and her babies, 2 birds and 3 kittens. It was a very rewarding night indeed.