This Might Be As Good As It Gets


After 20 minutes of trying to get a decent Christmas photo I think Gracie just gave up.


Ferret Proofing Is Never Ending

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I found this super cute table for my living room, I especially liked the little drawer which I thought would be handy for storing all my remotes. Of course Gracie had to inspect the new table from top to bottom. As I was sitting on the sofa reading I start to hear scratching noises. I figured Gracie was in her litter box as it is right by the new table, but the scratching continued for quite a while. I got up to investigate and realized Gracie was no where in sight. Suddenly the little voice in my head said “open the drawer”. So I did, and there she was. After retrieving her from the drawer I set her down and watched. It wasn’t long before Gracie kindly showed me how she preformed her little trick. Needless to say, the new table has since been ferret proofed with the help of some fabric and a stapler.


Gracie Enjoys A Treat

So, after Gracie gets her ears cleaned she gets a reward of chicken baby food for being such a good girl. To say that she LOVES her special treat is an understatement!! I had the opportunity last night to film her enjoying her reward. Notice the closed eyes, the wiggley ears, the scrunchie nose and the complete lack of concern that her chin is covered in food. I have never seen an animal enjoy something so thoroughly! Sorry for the shakey video at one point — I started laughing 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

P.s. my favorite part is the very end when she wipes her mouth on the carpet!