Gracie Enjoys A Treat

So, after Gracie gets her ears cleaned she gets a reward of chicken baby food for being such a good girl. To say that she LOVES her special treat is an understatement!! I had the opportunity last night to film her enjoying her reward. Notice the closed eyes, the wiggley ears, the scrunchie nose and the complete lack of concern that her chin is covered in food. I have never seen an animal enjoy something so thoroughly! Sorry for the shakey video at one point — I started laughing 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

P.s. my favorite part is the very end when she wipes her mouth on the carpet!


My 2014 Goal

This is not my typical post, but please watch and spread the word.As a volunteer with Boxer Rescue LA we sometimes fall head over heels for a certain dog that we will do anything for to see them find their forever home. Right now, that dog for me is Trig. He is an 8y/o male boxer who has been patiently waiting for a family now for over 2 years. Despite being at a rescue facility for so long Trig’s zest for life and love is apparent every time he steps out the front door for his walks. His spirit truly amazes me. That is why I have made it my personal goal for this year to find Trig the forever family that he greatly deserves. Please help me by sharing. For more info on Trig or our other available dogs please visit